2D Dimension

The history of 2D dimensioning into 3D Stereo contents with Digital Magic starts as early as 2009


We have been doing native 3D works on both live filming and as well as with animation.

In 1998, we have been doing our native 3D stereo shooting with35mm  Film camera as developed by a Japan Camera/Optic designer

The Single 4 Perf 35mm film strip with a dual lens optic, will split the frame into 2 pref Left image and 2 perf Right image with strong inter-axial of over 4 inches

These are usually works for visitors centers

In 2008, we start our long form 3D Movies services, and Dimensioning was used in both Live works and animation as well

In 2009, we start using roto to create Dimensioning for to support native work’s mistake, say

  1. one of the Stereo pair camera’s failure, or having optical problem

  2. Situation that only single camera could be use

In the end of 2000, we start the 2D dimensioning services of a full-length movie Deep Gold, which was then released in US

Advanced studies was then made, with Cheong and Joey leading the team.

   Roto works needed were coordinated works of supplier around the world.

QC and QA are developed with our Digital Cinema services at Heavy Optical facilities

IN Digital Magic, we have now served 4 full-length movies being served ,

and as well as 10 movies with Hybrid 3D stereo works

   with clients from China, Hong Kong,  and USA

We also employ the technology for Museum and Educational short films, Large Venue works/Shows,

   3D TV Set and cell phone demos, and D-Cinema TV commercials

The algorithm for Dimensioning has a few level, which affecting cost and schedule

  1. Low cost, Roto with Depth Map

  2. Mid range, Roto and clean-plate production, for Advanced Post Stereography

  1. Advanced, 3D object base dimensioning, request add-on object 3D graph modeling

        high cost project which we have experiment with,

        we have various long demo, but not into full production with

  1. 360 VR content 3D dimensioning

Film Magic and Digital Magic are team to work now into our coming 30th 3D stereo movie production services

Our extended 3D stereo experience allows us to designed our 3D Stereo beam-splitter rig for advanced native filming with speed and quality

we have 5 variant of 3D stereo configuration, and 12 3D stereo rigs in Hong Kong and China, we provide a RED centric 3D stereo camera package, with CMotion and TransVideo as key component, Full-time in-house stereographers, DITs and DMTs

we housed 3x 3D DCI rated review quality 3D stereo Cinema for post and QC/QA works

we provide DCPs with KDM and DKDM conditional keys

we provide versioning, titling and technical distribution to all countries of the world

we provide deliverables in tape and date format, we have the HDCam SR HQ which served dual tracks HDCam SR quality stereo tape recording

we provide web release and Blue-ray DVD mastering

we provide 2D dimensioning since 2009, and work with top international tech teams to provide best quality, cost and schedule.

We now provide 3D stereo VR with Nokia OZO solutions, also VR 3D dimensioning, with lot of completed works for review

Many thanks for your kind attentions



The 40th years of our world services from Hong Kong


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