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These photo blogs have been created to provide the newest updates of our works and projects.

Our website is currently under re-furbishment.

The blogs are enriched with photo galleries- for any inquiries, please contact;;; supports location production services, 3D stereo equipment and camera rental services supports commercials productions, as well as to showcases our works supports movie productions, and to introduce our 3D services  supports large format and venue productions, and introduces our special imaging projects   is built for to support Animation and Vfx  porductions, and to introduce our 2D Dimension servies for 3D releases

For Post production, please visit,

For Camera rental and filming services. please visit,

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Our Film Diretcor Ah Fai and DoP Kalro

IMG_2229    FaiStarC015

FaiStarC001    FaiStarC010

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HuangGuoShuFall006sS    IMG_5619

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HauweiDay02_005sS    DJI UBS_DJI01   HoPEXxJapan06   FMAnimation


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