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Restoration services to Movie and Imaging projects, serving Hong Kong, China, Asia and International productions




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Movie Restoration Services

Content owners continue to mine their libraries for reissue of classic and popular titles to new distribution formats.

Titles that show signs of wear—dirt, scratches or damaged frames from torn perforations or video drop out—can be fixed through a digital process that will bring the project back to life for new audiences. Whether the original format is film or tape, Deluxe Digital Restoration can digitally restore the film or television project delivering to 35mm film, HD master or a digital cinema master. Services include:

Analyzing Scope of Project


Film Cleaning

Frame by Frame Restoration (SD, HD, 2K, 4K)

Color Correction

Grain Reduction

QC Check



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For restoration services, please contact,; +852-35860040, +852-25715432

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