Camera 3D Rigs

Camera 3D stereo Rigs, designs for native 3D Shooting


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We have different 3D Stereo rigs, including: the robust and high speed operating HoPE X, HoPE ONE, HoPE TWO, HoPE360

Steadicam and EasyRig 3 operation with

Element Technica ATOM, P+S Evolution


香港 天極數碼 3D 電影 工作坊


The HoPE 3D stereo camera series, designed by Digital Magic in Hong Kong

The Camera system is designed and built in Hong Kong, which fits RED Dragon for 6K works, Epic for 5K works, and also Alexa, Sony, Canon and any other cameras.


Digital magic’s  HoPE X  &  HoPE ONE 3D stereo beam-splitter rigs

HoPE_poster01s    IMG_4702_resize


3D Stereo shooting without cable nor computer attached

We used to say that native 3D stereo shooting is time-consuming and unsuitable for action shots. This was mostly due to the fact that the shoot often required alignments with other add-on instruments. Digital Magic’s HoPE X has worked on 25 3D stereo Movie works. The robust 3D beam-splitter rig runs with internal electronics for digital absolute position monitoring of the axis, hence the alignment is quick. There is no need for large 3D monitors and computer based SIPs to monitor the quality. The beam-splitter rig also works well with TransVideo 3D monitor data to provide a less then 3 minutes in every 3D lens alignment. In addition, it converges HIT parallel shoot transition in less than 2 seconds. Native digital counter report and memorize the location accuracy  0.01mm for inter axial control and 0.01 degree to convergence control. The picture here is an version of the HoPE X series, which design is built for low profile Up/ through or a Under/ through configurations as shown here. The 3D stereo rig is build in Hong Kong and ready to fit any camera.   

Test drive the system in upcoming Filmart 2015 in Hong Kong:, +852-2571-5432;, +852-25715484


展望 HoPE 3D拍攝系統

經歷了3個世博大屏幕電影。28套3D電影製作,及衆多3D短片的洗禮。踏足亞洲、美洲、歐洲,及非洲,歷經考驗。 展望HoPE 的强壯機身,可承受動作電影的運作 及 準繩速度。獨有的 IA 及 C 數字顯示配置,爲立體師提供 InterAxile/ 0.01mm 及 Convegent/ 0.01度的測量。


上中布局的HoPE ONE 標準型,

下中布局的HoPE X 輕便型,

中中平衡布局的 HoPE 2

環幕6機同步拍攝用的 HoPE 360型

展望HoPE的配對産品包括 RED Epic X RED Dragon 3D同步攝影機,

法國的  TransVideo 3D監視器

特地配套奧地利的  CMotion 無綫控制裝配。


Digital Magic’s  HoPE X  &  HoPE ONE 3D stereo beam-spliter rigs







IMG_6270   Alexa3D 08  

1303_9600   1303_9649

HoPE TWO Parallel rig for distance 3d work that require extended inter axile controls



image (12)_exposure   image (3)_exposure

The Element Technica ATOM 3D

Here is the Italian design Cartoni Twin-heads 3D camera support system. The system is able to align the camera axile to the center of the camera rotation, as well as reduce the vertical pixel shift during the pan-tilt camera movement. Additionally, the system can also perform 360 full extend tilt action. The Twin-head may look big, but she is in fact designed to move quickly and lightly.


Element Technica ATOM



The P+S Evolution

DM3DSteadiCam    EpicX 3D w Anna 01


IMG_3689   IMG_3646

The Cartoni 3D Twin head, cancel pixel shift during  3DPan-Tilt action


Panasonic 3D Camera, Professional 3DP1 and the 3DA1


3D 中中平衡布局的 HoPE 2


CMotion 3D lens control

DigitalMagic3S   7


 DSC01908    DSC01820


Ambience and Denecake Time code gen and Time code lock

AJA Hi-5 3D, AJA KiPro, and aAJA KiProQUAD

TransVideo 3D monitor

3D Stan 3D analysis

Low cost parts for student projects

XF105 02     XF105 01