Camera Special mounts

Cable Cam from XD Motion, France

LondonOlympic CineGSAM_3689s

XDMotion CableCam 021

Percy London Olympic 2012 01


LondonOlympic Track Cam 01


LondonOlympic Track Cam 04

Fool Control, wireless camera and lens control for RED cameras and Canon lens, with iPad and iPhone

IMG_8808S     IMG_8900B

Camera Kenyon passive stabilizer Gyro KS-6 and KS-8

Aerial XDCam Handheld     DM Gryo 04

DJI Ronin Active stabilizer Glimbal

DJI-karlo    IMG_8425


DJI Light Bridge HD Video transmissor


100_1344    100_1349


Helicopter mount

Helico02     RIMG4296