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For inquiries please contact: DM@digitalmagic.com.hk

4K and 4K+ production to 4K post-4K production are supported by Film Magic, Hong Kong.

Providing 4K filming services, with in-house equipment and crew.

4K location works, international shoots, Live 4K projects

4K D-Signage contents in both Portriat and landscape mode

4K 3D stereo and 4K 3D Autostereo/ Nake-eyed 3D

3D stereo Dimensioning of 4K contents

4K, 4K+, 6K, 8K, and 14K large venue movie production, with ultra resolution panorama supports

2K content resolution up conversion to 4K, providing various level of services package


WA01     WA01


Zeiss Ultra Prime 10mm    IMG_6521A

Digital Magic 4K production cameras kits are

RED Epic Dragon 6K

RED Epic 5K


BlackMagic 4K

GoPro Hero 4 Black sets, with VR mounts, including underwater

with Zeiss Ultra Primes lens set

for equipment rental or crew hire, please contact karlo@digitalmagic.com.hk; tacita@digitalmagic.com.hk

for production package, Aerial, 3D stereo, VR and Panorama, please contact percy@digitalmagic.com.hk

Tiltaxs     phfx_redDragon_Formats

4K and 4K+ post-production

Our 4K workflow 


More news with a true native UHDTV 30 episodes TV series post-production works

Location filming started off with Multi RED Epic 5K cameras, along with 4K high speed works… Here at our Hong Kong studio, is our celebrated arrival of our first 2 sexy G-Tech 64TB Raaid, as well as the G-SPEED Studio XL, which fit into our current 4K TV series production workflow- more units are in order and awaiting for delivery. There are plans for additional orders of HGST’a Active Archive solutions, for our battle towards our massive data growth in our project.




A Tough 4K shoot by the Seaside location in Thailand, with Director Mr. Philippe Gerard.

GWater07    GWater05

For inquiries concerning your 4K and 4K+ projects , please contact Percy Fung at: +852-25715432

Producer/ Technical Director:   percy@digitalmagic.com.hk