Movies Hong Kong & China

Digitial Magic will provide both 2K DCDM/DCP

and 4K mastering to Movies and other 4K network media 

Heavy Optical is a brand of Digital magic, whom served the Asain Movie industry since 1978


愛尋迷 2014   大聖歸來   喜愛夜蒲3   W020150520390554383734

迷離夜   奇幻夜   03263DNA_poster_1sht_keyart02_1396264260   !cid_image001_jpg@01CEF01F

最強囍事.jpg   c12020701_2   event_99_1318334166   Red 1

北京遇上西雅圖   RunningonKarma   Picture32   得閑抄飯.jpg

喜愛夜蒲2   喜愛夜蒲.jpg   猛男滾死隊.jpg   囡囡.jpg

我老公唔生性   重口味(HK)   逃出生天   ISellLove

balala Magic   200978143744_3787018   Mcdull me & my mum   babyblue

555d344f15523x     3d _______    三生三世     poster01b-S

決戰殺馬鎮.jpg   打擂台.jpg   出軌的女人.jpg (2)   河上變村

170028.25360696   Poster_dm01aA   Picture2   poster3

0009   Picture31   U1145P28T3D1518046F326DT20070413111312   00017998

0035   0004 (2)   0026   star1

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