VR 360 Virtual Reality

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Professional VR production, post-production, and training packages

From Digital Magic, get the world leading top VR solutions from Nokia OZO

Now at DM, services is into OZO + and OZO V2.0

For VR services, please email lik@digitlamagic.com.hk

or call direct for production enquiry, Mr. Percy Fung at +852-25715432

OZO 8cam






360 VR, 360+360/720 VR,

VR360 4K, VR360 8K

VR 3D stereo

VR Movie Vfx capturing



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stand_OZO_01b OZO KitSW

VR 240, is a Production format proposed under Digital Magic, and format is currently IP pending

We use VR as story telling, working to put directional orientation into story envirnoment,  and as well allow use of graphics and animation as part of the story telling tools,  Optional 120 degree for “info display”, like enriched story, and answers.  For production, contact  Percy@digitalmagic.com.hk; Anna@digitalmagic.com.hk; fai@filmmagic.com.hk; or for China, please contact joey@digitalmagic.com.hk





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See and create your VR 240 story telling production, with Digital magic team, and enhance the visual with full application of graphics and animations, for services details, please percy@digitalmagic.com.hk;  or +852-25715432


Advanced high-res immersive depth VR with over 14,000 x 4500 pixel resolution

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For filming, VR and VR with animated graphics, please contact:  Cheong@digitalmagic.com.hk; Lik@digitalmagic.com.hk

+852-25715432: +852-35860040