3D Stereo Post

3D stereo Post for Movie, venue short film, TV commercial, mobil, and other stereo media content.

3D Stereo color grading, 4K reference monitoring, and on-line works

3D Stereo depth grading, for comfort and to meet different countries QA requirement

3D stereo titleing and mastering




Stereo QC,  with 2 x 3D stereo Digital Cinema in-house, armed with Dolby surround audio and different Eyewear format

Media Stereo post ajustment to suite media release and deliverable formats

Additional 3D stereo dual stream full HDCam SR tape format, In-house with HDCam SR HQ dual stream recorder

Blue ray 3D stereo release, other network delivery formats



IMG_1348_n      IMG_8422s

For services, please contact producer. Lik at 852-35860040,  91240848

China producer,  joey@digitalmagic.com.hk

Post Technical director,  gary@digitalmagic.com.hk

Engineering director,  alex@digitalmagic.com.hk