VR Live Production

Digital Magic Post Production is based in Hong Kong, reaching out to China, Asia, and the world

DM has been providing Movie, TV commercials, and short film works for 40 years

with in-house facilities and team to meet your professional post works needs.

1. VR works in 2K 4K, 8K, in 2D or 3D stereo

Pre-post, Editing, Vfx and animation,

Online color grading, depth grading, VR stitching, picture clean-up,

Mastering, for HMD Goggle, Touch screen Click & Drag display, and Web deliverable s.

Versioning, re-purposing, archiving, 360 5.1/7/1 audio mastering

2. 360 Live VR works, multi-cam operations, semi-real-time delivery.

3. VR TV commercials works, VR Short Film Cinema, other creative media VR platforms

4. Versioning, localize packaging and delivery

5.  Cinematic design, CAVE 3D experience, and VR interactions

6. Motion graphics and Cell animation

7. VR Facilities system integration, and VR works & imaging knowledge base training

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Contact percy@digitalmagic.com.hk, 0r call +852-25715432

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Congratulations to the many successes TVB’s 4K TV series MY UNFAIR LADY

We are honored to be part of the production team, in providing 4K Post-production services to the show

The 28 Episode been filming with 4 RED Epics in 5K and primes lens, digital post with original RED .r3d raw footage, workflow employ in a total cinematic approach in imaging presentation, sure is a production surpassed many Hong Kong TV series standards, and part of Hong Kong TV history, thanks to TVB and the The UNFAIR lady producers and directors team We deeply appreciated for the opportunity offered.




Extract of News reporting of the MY UNFAIR LADY, by TVB Weekly, May 2017


Our Digital Magic Producer Ah Lik, and Technical director Eddie…



More with DM Post works, a visit to our studio, in Hong Kong and Kwoloon








More with 4K Post Production, in 2015, the 1st China 4K TV series, shooting wit RED Epic and post at DM




THE SING CHINA 2017, 3D Stereo HD TV show, 14 Episodes filming in Shanghai and Beijing

19 dual link full HD 3D Stereo camera systems were employed,

plus with full HD dual link 3D stereo live switching, all channels’ HD isolated recordings





Siggraph 2011 018



All form of VR viewing, VR-720, VR-360, VR-280 and VR-240

Multi camera 360 filming and addiitonal close-up 6K cameras

With 4K vision mixer for site VR release

Engineering service contact: alex@digitalmagic.com.hk; yin@digitalmagic.com.hk




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Digital Magic VR team               DM02_yel2     doctor01

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VR Live Production is based on 4K Mobile at 3840 x 1920, and with AAA VR Goggles apps

with standard 360 image presented in VR240 VR280 and VR360 foramts

3x Multi camera 360 cameras and 3 x 4K master cameras, plus  4K production switcher and Graphics package form our services platform.

Please call us for a project presentation. Technical director: Percy@digitalmagic.com.hk, +852-25715432